Quality Vehicle Services in Hastings

For vehicle servicing and repairs that are second to none, Stichbury Automotive Care has got you covered

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Quality Vehicle Services in Hastings

Experience the best range of spares and models offering the best repairworks offered by experienced professionals. Contact us for quick assistance

Vehicle Servicing

All vehicles benefit from regular servicing, regardless of age or type of driving use. We offer a range of servicing options for all vehicles as fluids degrade over time and with use. If servicing is left too long fluids can end up causing very costly damage to your vehicle. Make an appointment today to ensure your car is in top condition

Brake Repair

A very important part of your vehicle, we recommend regular checks & maintenance of your brakes to have them working correctly. Brake fluid should be regularly changed every 2 years to ensure the best operation. We repair brakes on all types or cars, light trucks & motor homes

Shock Absorbers

Shock Absorbers

We are Hawkes Bays leading suspension specialist. We have the latest Shock Absorber testing equipment to give you a honest accurate assessment of the condition of the Shock absorbers. This testing can be free (conditions apply)

Warrant Of Fitness

A WOF (warrant of fitness) is a Legal requirement, depending on year of manufacturing. Our inspectors are highly trained technicians that have many years experience and know what right for your car any required repairs can be carried out quickly and efficiently at your request

steering suspension

Steering & Suspension

As your car ages so do the movable parts in your suspension & steering. This will effect your comfort & safety. We have the expertise to assess & repair the car and even offer upgrades to suit your vehicle needs

electronics and diagnosis

Electronics & Diagnostics

Modern vehicle are very complex with many different computers to run and operate the vehicle. These computers or their sensor can from time to time have problems. With up to-date equipment we can diagnose these issues & repair them quickly

Mufflers & Exhaust System

Muffler & Exhaust Systems

We offer a complete in house service for exhaust repairs & customization. We are Hawkes Bays longest running exhaust specialist with the knowledge, experience to help you with your needs. We carry a large range of products to help speed up repairs keep costs down.

Vehicle Fluid

Vehicle Fluid

There are many different liquids in your car to keep it running smooth. Engine coolant is combination of water and antifreeze/corrosion inhibitors which detoriate over time which means less protection
Brake Fluid should be changed every 2 years as it absorbs moisture from the air which damages the brake components and breaks down the fluid to operate your brakes.
Gearbox/ Transmission oils work very hard to protect the parts inside & can get very hot which can destroy its properties. We recommend these every 60,000 km

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